​​“To promote citizen participation from all communities of interest and take cooperative action to protect, conserve and improve the Minnesota River System”


The Minnesota River Congress is a citizen-led group focusing on the natural resource and economic health of the Minnesota River Basin. The Minnesota River Congress started in 2014.

Minnesota River Congress (MRC)Objectives:

• Facilitate general and targeted public outreach and education on all issues and conditions affecting the Minnesota River System.
• Promote, market and advocate for the recreational opportunities in the Minnesota River System
• Provide a basin-wide diverse voice on behalf of the Minnesota Valley relating to improvement and conservation of the Minnesota River System
• Serve as a unifying force to advocate for and assist coordination of river improvement and conservation strategies on a basin-wide scope.
• Communicate basin-wide using all possible networks and opportunities.
• Convene concerned individuals from the entire basin together on a periodic and regular basis to ask for public input and share successful strategies and critical information as it pertains to River improvement and conservation.
• Utilize a basin-wide structure to support local conservation efforts at the major watershed and smaller scale by recognizing that local relationships are critically important to implementation and resolving watershed challenges.